Tuesday, 17 June 2014

London MCM

London MCM
2nd Years venture into the Big City

I cant believe that its been so long since I've had an opportunity to post work that we've done over the last couple of weeks. This will be a little out of order so please bear with me, but we nee to start of with the London MCM Comic Con 23rd May, 24th May, 25th May. 

2 things to note here. One is the 2nd years all attending as part of their AM50422-4 The Art of Cartoons & Comics module. This was/is based on the Apprentice (Many thanks Lord Sugar for the concept, Many thanks Esme Baran for the idea) 
The general idea as mooted by Esme was that she never had the opportunity to go to a convention or run a table. She ended up doing a Stirling job at the October MCM and sort of got the bug for it there. Though her main concern was that there was very little she knew about when people asked her about the work. This got me thinking that if the students were forced to produce their own work and sell it as part of the module then that would make more sense.

Aiming to produce the best work we could, we asked John Charles Marvel UK and 2000AD artist and writer Kevin Gunstone Markosi & Marvel to assist in helping the students to do this. 

Both John and Kevin diod great work, delivering bespoke lessons in helping the students to set up their ideas and giving feedback on things that were working and not.

The Cohort was split into 2 teams 

Red Pretzel - Becci Such, Kieran Hayes, Will Vaughn, Emma Buxton, Michaela Clark &  Ryan Moss 

Aqua Rhombus and the Imaginariums - Callum Lawrence Bardsley, Connie Skerrett, Will Kellioh, Michaela Betts, Peter Dawson & Reece Pallatto

The idea was to get as close to £60.00 as possible. Needless to say both teams did, but the clear winner was Red Pretzel. 

Everyone, including Area Group Leader Mark Garner Looking very happy and pleased we found a cheap curry in Brick Lane London. 


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