Monday, 19 September 2016

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The Semester Kicks Off Again

Face the Comicsequences!

It's a brand new semester with a brand new intake of Cartoon and Comic Arts students!
Today was their first session with me (Claire) where the Fundamentals of Cartoons and Comics module was introduced.

After this the students split into groups and spoke about their favourite comics to each other- there were a huge range of different titles being spoken about: Watchmen, Clumsy, Blankets and many variants of Batman including Dark Knight Returns and The Court of Owls.

This was a great way to get to know the students even better, because now we know their taste in comics (and what good taste they have!).

After this I set them off playing a comic drawing game I invented called "Comicsequences" - basically this takes the basic idea of the game Consequences; where everyone takes a turn writing the next line to make one story together. I took this concept and applied it to comics, so each student drew one panel and then passed it onto the next person, creating group comics together!

There were some brilliant results covering a range of different themes, including a comic about a criminal chicken, a lovestruck robot and a familiar face during a heist!

Below are some of the examples from today's class!