Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Finally Drawing at Last


Getting back to drawing Comics!

Above work unfinished! Tempus Nobel Chapter 6

It seems like ages but I finally got back to putting pencil in hand, along with a bit of ink from my new Pentel Brush Pen, with scanner and computer at hand I've found an hour to sit down and draw. I've finally got the feel back for what I'm doing. At one point it all seemed paperwork and meetings with budgets and designing new modules and booking trips, it felt like it was a million miles away from what I wanted to do, draw! So I finally completed all the pencil sketches for Tempus Nobel Comic and come up with a conclusion. This all started so long ago when Prince William and Kate got married and at one point was very topical, Now the first Chapters seem a bit dated. Anyway, I'm hoping to get some of the comics printed for the London Super Comic Con in March. Fingers crossed.

Monday, 2 December 2013

UCAS success

We had a great time recruiting for the award at the 2 UCAS events in both London and Manchester. Interest in the award was up by about 300% with knowledge of the award growing. We look forward to seeing all those students interested in the award.

Graham Humphrey visit to Staffordshire University

The other week we were very lucky to get visiting professional Graham Humphrey in to talk about his life as a film poster designer and how that had changed to producing Dvd covers. In the afternoon he showed his storyboarding technique and we were lucky that he did a small master class for the students.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Cartoon and Comic Arts: Frazer Irving visit to cartoon and comic arts

Cartoon and Comic Arts: Frazer Irving visit to cartoon and comic arts

Frazer Irving visit to cartoon and comic arts

Thursday 7th November saw a special visit to Staffordshire University by the living legend Frazer Irving. Frazer is one of the hotest talents working in the comic industry at the moment. He's currently working alongside Grant Morrison and has worked for the top 2 comic companies, DC and Marvel.
What Frazer brought to the award is an insight into how the industry works and some top tips about climbing the ladder. His bright and energetic delivery kept the students entertained and educated. We watched in awe at his artwork and laughed with delight at his anecdotes. I think I'll be right to say that his visit had an effect on the students and hopefully Staffordshire university had an effect on him. He's certainly welcomed back..... anytime!

Monday, 28 October 2013

MCM Expo Comic Con

Staffs uni has a presence in London this week end.  Initially the 1st years were touring the cities main comic centres,  including the comic museum in Russell Street and then on to forbidden Planet and finally a book signing at Gosh.  Saturday saw them traveling to the MCM in Docklands to join about another 100, 000 people there in cosplay and other comic related paraphernalia.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Neil Gibson from T Publications

We were lucky to have Neil Gibson from T Publications visit the students the other day to pass on how he wrote for comics. I think his Gibson Method is a winner. He also gave an excellent lecture on how to build suspense in comics pointing out 9 basic rules to consider.

Monday, 14 October 2013

New York New York

New York
What a week
We've just come back from going to New York with the Graphics and Illustration students. Our aim was to attend the New York Comic Con with the possible though to attend the event next year with a stall. Well that's the plan anyway, the logistic side could be a lot more of a challenge.