Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Visiting Lecturers Monday 21st April

Visiting Lecturers 
Staffordshire University 

Off the back of the Stoke Con event held on Sunday 19th April. Staffordshire University was extremely lucky to be able to ask some of the visiting professionals to come to the cartoon studio and then present their work and talk about what they did with Students.


The session started off with Simon Donald introducing himself and how he started off in the comics industry. Simon was at the event to publicise his hilarious autobiography. 

His insight into the industry and how he was able to break into it and establish both himself and the comic as independent entities was both insightful and extremely funny. 

David Lloyd talked about his new venture in trying to get people to read comics on line. He set up ACES Weekly. This allows independent artist to get their work out there with out having to circumvent publishers. 

Jon Haward has had a long a distinguished career working for the likes of Eagle Comics, Thunderbirds, 2000AD and MarvelUK. In the shot above he explains one of his images to students at the lecture.

All the professionals featured in this article have said that they would love come to Staffordshire University again and help the students to develop their skills in preparation for the  outside world and industry. All the professionals also have a lot to offer the Cartoon & Comic Arts Award, from basic drawing skills to marketing and getting their work out there. 


Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cartoon & Comic Artist at Stoke Con

Comics are big Business

At the recent Stoke Con 2014 there were a few table hid among the traders tables where the future of comic arts in the UK could well be decided. 3rd Year students from the cartoon and Comic Arts award chipped together to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test. The event provided an opportunity for the students to see if what they were producing for their final degree was worth of a place in the comic market. 

Above are some of the students who attempted to sell their work. I'm happy to report everyone spoke favorably about the experience of selling at the event  with them all making a little profit. 

Becci Such has attended quite a few comic conventions and said that Stoke was a successful gig for her 

Callum Lawrence-Bardsley is certainly a view to behold behind the table. 

Connie and Emma ran a table as well 

Michaela Betts and Reece Palatto

Would you buy a used comic from this person. Connie Skerrett tries on the latest fashion accessory for the comic artist 

Here is Emma Buxton trying out the equipment as well. 

In the Stanley Matthew Hall, Michaela Clark and Ryan Moss sitting at their table. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Stoke Con April 2015

Stoke Con April 2015

It seemed to have gone from strength to strength. Only a few months ago I heard that a couple of guys (Terry and Rob) who worked at 6 Towns Radio had come up with an idea to hire out Staffordshire University Student Union and Brindley building and hold a convention with people from film, TV and comics.

Rob Legar is a shinning light to organisation. His ability to pull this together with Terry Bosson the people of Stoke on Trent to participate in this brilliant event is a testament to the internet and word of mouth.

In September 2014 1000 people queued on a sunny sunny morning to be part of something new, this year over 2000 people came and experience the same event. This time Cartoon & Comic Arts tried to help and organise the event. To say it was a learning curve is an understatement.

Queues for Stoke Con 2015 far exceeded expectations with over 2000 people turning up to be part of the event . 

Above Award Leader for Cartoon & Comic Arts Adrian Tooth who helped to organise the Brindley building and the visiting cartoonist and comic book artist.

Some of the star who attended had already been such as Colin Baker who played the 6th Doctor. But Alongside him was Simon Fisher-Becker from the new series of Doctor Who


Other Guest included Red Dwarf stars Danny John Jules (Cat) Chris Barrie (Arnold J Rimmer) Robert Llewellyn (Kryton) and Norman Lovett (Holly)

The Cartoon & Comic Arts Award ran an artist alley, where students were allowed to sell their work and also a range of visiting professionals were their as well.

Above is a range of the visiting comic book artist who came to Stoke Con. Top Right, Co Founder of Viz Comic and also a comic in his own right Simon Donald. Top Right  Marc Jackson and Paul McCaffery both of which work with David Lloyd on Aces Weekly. Below and centre, Lee Townsend and Jon Haward, both MarvelUk artist. 

Above at the other end of the artist alley there was John Charles from MarvelUK and cover designer for 2000AD and David Lloyd from V for Vendetta and Aces Weekly digital Comic. 

Close up of John Charles working on a commission 

Simon Donald 

Jason Brindley from 2000AD was a hit with the punters as he has just had his work published in the Judge Dredd Megazine. Copies of his work and signed issues of the comic were flying off his table. 


Student Kieran Hayes also turned up to show off his caricature skills and was drawing people at the convention 

Here Adrian Tooth stands in for Jason Brindley... I wonder if they will notice the difference? Jason also works at Staffordshire University on the Cartoon & Comic Arts Award.  

Gareth Cowlin, satirical and gag cartoonist for Private Eye (and others) is taken by surprise

The convention provided an opportunity for the Staffordshire University to plug their awards as well as Cartoon & Comic Arts 1st Year students were given their chance to work on a stand selling their work. 

As you can see above the event was packed, this was even with the addition of the Sir Stanley Matthews Sports Hall.