Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Cartoon & Comic Artist at Stoke Con

Comics are big Business

At the recent Stoke Con 2014 there were a few table hid among the traders tables where the future of comic arts in the UK could well be decided. 3rd Year students from the cartoon and Comic Arts award chipped together to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test. The event provided an opportunity for the students to see if what they were producing for their final degree was worth of a place in the comic market. 

Above are some of the students who attempted to sell their work. I'm happy to report everyone spoke favorably about the experience of selling at the event  with them all making a little profit. 

Becci Such has attended quite a few comic conventions and said that Stoke was a successful gig for her 

Callum Lawrence-Bardsley is certainly a view to behold behind the table. 

Connie and Emma ran a table as well 

Michaela Betts and Reece Palatto

Would you buy a used comic from this person. Connie Skerrett tries on the latest fashion accessory for the comic artist 

Here is Emma Buxton trying out the equipment as well. 

In the Stanley Matthew Hall, Michaela Clark and Ryan Moss sitting at their table. 

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