Wednesday, 12 April 2017

StokeConTrent Guest Comic Artist

StokeConTrent #6 
The best draw there is 

this year saw the 6th StokeConTrent Convention. It had stiff competition from other conventions in the area that were running on the same day with the shift of the Easter Holidays. Still the weather was good and there was a great attendance at the event and they were able to see some of the best UK artist in the Industry.

It was great to see AccentUK back with Colin Mathieson and Gary Cruthley showing off their work.

Kevin Gunstone made an apperance with his Planet of the Daemons comic which is up to comic 3. But what i treally enjoyed from Kevin was his back issues of The Agents. He was selling all 6 issues for £15, and this introdiced me to kevs writing for a slightly different format and audience 

 As a newbie to StokeConTrent it was great to have the creator of the Hulk Buster and War Machine Kevin Hopgood to the convention. He was selling some seriously good sketched out comic pages for a very reasonable price.

 Mike Collins is a regular now at the convention, and as ever it was great to see him bringing his Doctor Who and (in this case) his Star Wars work with him. It is also with great thanks that Staffordshire University must thank him for his kind donation of Graphic Novels. 

Finally another favourite of the punters in Simon Donald, who is absolutely brilliant as ever. Here he gives the Staffordshire University Comic Arts Mascot the Viz treatment.

There were other wonderful artist as well including Lew Stringer, who brought his Brickman Begins book with an introduction from Alan Moore. 

There was also Newbie Laura Howell,  whose excellent "The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert & Sullivan" Comes highly recommended  

Also a big Thanks to Marc Jackson and all our best for his MaccPow Saturday 1st July 

Friday, 10 February 2017

This is Halloween This is Halloween

A bit late but its Halloween

Cartoon and comic arts once again did a Halloween project with the first years. Each student got given a ghoul and a predicament for them to write about.
Needless to say the standard was as ever very high.
The aim was to get the students producing work and then selling it in the 1st semester at an Open day event. 

Above - The starting line for this was "Archaeologist who finds a mummy"

Above - "Werewolf trainer" by Alex Price

Above "Ghost of Somebody who was a zombie!" Drawn by Vicky Whieldon
By Laurence Twells

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

The 3rd Years go Professional 

The new 3rd year started with a bang and off the back of the successful 5th Stoke Con Trent event  we invited a range of visiting artist to come in and talk to the students about life in the comic industry. First out of the blocks were AccentUk publishing House. 

 both Colin Mathieson (Co founder of the Publishing collective) and Gary Cruthley (Comic Artist and co writer on WESTERNoir) gave up their precious time to come and talk about life working in the market place.

This year also saw Alan Batson (Managing Director of Character Building UK Ltd) come and talk all things from Star Wars to art composition and direction to the students

This slightly departed from what our guest lecturers usually talk about 

Dan Painter Storyboard artist also made an appearance helping to students to realise the other potential areas of the industry that they might want to venture into. 

And as ever we welcomed our very own Fig Taylor from the Association of Illustrators to talk to students about working freelance and getting themselves an agent to work with .

Fig also does excellent portfolio reviews where the student can talk to her about their portfolio and if they need any help in what they have in their or any top tips.

Stoke Con Trent - Also had in Frazer Irving who hasn't been on the Comic Convention scene for a few years, but was ready to step out again. We were very lucky that he decided to do Stoke Con Trent and also to grace us with his brilliant presence.

Frazer also has developed his digital drawing skills and was willing to show this off to students.

During the first week we also tried to run a mentoring scheme where 3rd years and 1st Years came together to help in a pub quiz.

As part of the mentoring scheme there was a trip to the Monkey forest which provided the opportunity for the students to study and draw real life action. If forced them to look and observe the  creatures and the environment.