Friday, 15 May 2015

London MCM

New and Up and coming 
Comic Artist 
heading to London

Below are the logos for 4 publishing houses run by Cartoon & Comic Arts students on their 2nd year of the award at Staffordshire University. They consist of mainly 5 - 6 Students who will be selling their comics and accompanying artwork at the London MCM event Friday 22nd May - Sunday 24th May 
 The comics published at Hex have a common running theme of Magical powers and witchcraft. Writers and artists such as Simon Hughes, Brad Sharples, Christina Webb, Azzuro Zito and Ross Johnstone have all come together to produce a range of work which follows on from one another in an alternative history.

Imagine a world run by a giant corporation "Buygone." In this Post Apocalyptic world  new writers and artist Reuben Baron, Izzy Bosworth, Sam Smith, Sonny Hay, Vicky Hobson and Rob Bieganski tell stories has seen from different inhabitants of thie world. 

These comics look at Fantasy, which range from Changelings, elves and Angels. Jay Wrightman, Megan Lee, Holly McCormack, Chizi Woherem and Emily Moore tell their individually unique stories.

Mythology plays an important part with the writers for Techne Comics. Looking at legends and myths from around the world, including Japan, Norse and Greek. 
Masiy Buchanan-Black, Nadia Williams, Tara Washington,  Kate Sheerin, Nick Dempsey and Natasha Down all tell their individual take on these stories.