Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tempus Noble -Royal Wedding

Well the first version of Tempus Noble has been circulated and some interesting feedback from the comic readers. There are still a few free ones, so if you want to have a look and comment drop me a line at beerade@gmail.com and I'll forward one to you and the understanding you get back to me with some feed back. I will be posting the comic book on the web when on the www.cartoonandcomicarts.tumblr.com website in the coming weeks so get across there and have a look!

To tell the truth about the first page, this was really a trial to see how the process works it was drawn in great detail on a A2 sheet then scanned in 2 parts.
In this I tried to do a comic page for a friend who is actually Tempus just to show him the idea, so from then on I was actually pinned to do a comic. Obviously the last time i did anything that even remotely resembled a comic I was probably 14 years old and at school, so this has bee a huge learning experience for me!
I attempted to do the writing myself, and that was one of the first criticisms about the comic, that the words were hard to read on there!

Obviously the woman who makes an appearance in the last panel of the first page is one of the main protagonist.  

I'm sure the woman won't mind me using her as reference, especially as she has a copy of the comic.

I quickly learnt from the A2 incident and started to work at A3 size which gave me a bit of freedom. Some of the other criticism was about the introduction of the main character Tempus as there is a general lack of knowledge about him and who is his! To a certain extent this was sort of a little bit what i wanted, especially if you think of the opening scene fro "Raiders of the lost Ark!" where we aren't formally introduced to Indiana Jones, but then again he is in the thick of the action and maybe chapter 1 lacks this as I'm trying to evolve the plot.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tempus Noble & the Royal Wedding

After 4 weeks of staying out of trouble I've finally come up with my first comic strip based around a character I've been developing since Christmas on and off! I've tried to make the story a bit contemporary and this forced me to give myself a deadline and stick to it. In this case it was the Royal wedding!
I'll be handing out free copies of the comic in the base room to get some feedback. Also I might pop a few in the post to those a little to far away to get here.
I'll be posting the images on Tumblr in the coming weeks, I suppose by then I'll find out if there is enough interest or feedback to make Chapter 2!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

things to come

Just a quick word to say I haven't done much blogging for the last couple of weeks as it's been head down to produce my first comic book since I was at school! Hopefully I'll get the first chapter done and published to show everyone and get some feedback, so watch this space!