Thursday, 9 June 2016

A week is a longtime in Comics

Events Not for the weak hearted.

The end of May saw me on a whirlwind tour of a various institutes and conventions, both nationally and internationally.
My first stop was at the cartoon museum in little Russel Square London. I met up with Stephen Marchant, who recently became the main person in charge of procurement of British Comic Art. He was running the Great British Graphic Novel and had already collected some fantastic piece of art. This is well worth a visit for any comic fan.
The main aim of the visit was to re-establish the links we made last year and see if it was possible for the Cartoon students to have an exhibition in the Comic Museum Gallery space on the first floor.this looks highly likely and we'll keep you posted of developments.

After this I headed over to MCM where the 2nd year Cartoon and Comic Arts Students were selling their work. These were watched over by 2 indpendant comic artist Talburt Comics (Claire Smith) and AwkwardBex Becci Such, both now teaching on the Award

After this, I flew to Germany and small town called Erlangen, which holds the largest comic conventions in the German speaking world, the Comic Salon