Friday, 30 November 2012

Some of My Art work for Cartoon lessons

Some of My Art work for Cartoon lessons

I thought I'd post something slightly different and give a few people a taste of what we do on the award.
I don't think I'm giving any thing away when I say that Life Drawing platys and important part of the award. and over the year we have had a range of different lecturers in to show student different techniques to help them develop their style.

Story plays an important part in the make up of cartoon and comic arts and here are my drawings of the Heroes journey, done to try and explain to students how character interact and how the story develops.

Above, the University uses a virtual class room where we/I try to post all manner of stuff to help the cartoonist. It should hopefully become an on line storage system. Only students registered on the award can access the information.

Cartoon & Comic Arts at London Super Comic Con 2013

Cartoon & Comic Arts at London Super Comic Con 2013

Great news, I've just had it confirmed that the University has sent off the cheque and we (Cartoon & Comic Arts) is going to London Super Comic Convention to sell comics. I'll keep you posted once i get more details.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Merry Christmas from Cartoon & Comic Arts

The Cartoon and comic arts award is 1 year and 8 weeks old and I thought I'd celebrate by doing caricatures of the students on the award. I think they're all having a good time and we've got an action packed new year lined up with our first table at the London Super Comic Convention. So students will have an attempt to sell their comics and ideas. Its hard work but Im looking forward to 2013. THere is also mention of a trip to the New York Comic Convention. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

mobile post

This is my first mobile post while being out and about around London. So while the old ones kip and try to replenish their weary batteries I thought, Id sneak down to the bar and blog. I nerd to catch up and post alot, which include the final 24 hour comic which i hope to send off to the university of Ohio to put in their archive. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cartoon andic Arts trip to London

this week saw the cartoon and comic arts visit London. Along the way we visited the British museum to try and see early examples of sequential art.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

First to Finish 24 Hour Comic Challenge at Staffordshire University

we had our first to finish in an impressive 14 hour stint, Will Keilloh followed in a time of 17 Hours Millie Harrop

Im currently on the inking stage with less than 6 hours left to go.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Half Way Point

Half Way Point
10pm - 12 hours left to Go

We are half way through the 24 Hour Event. I think a bit of madness has creeped into the studio. People are slumped in front of their work, or are drawing pictures on balloons. I think the lack of sunshine and the rush of sugar has finally taken its tole.

and still the hours tick by. 

Millie is inking her comic page by page

Tom seems a little embarrassed by his attempt

Jack is just Jack and hes getting on with the fun

Verity, loads of research, head down and go for it

Along with Claire they are going for it

Michaela working on the cintq has restarted the work again 8 hours into it 

Alice..... doing what Alice does

Esme encourages her... Poor Jack.

Connie working hard

Emma coming good.

Cartoonists number swell

Numbers in the Cartoon studios swelled this hour as the late risers arrived laden with Halloween goodies. 
I'm sure it did say something un-savoury at one point! Everyone now has blue teeth as the icing had some blue ingredient in there.

My story is still developing as you can see. This is the heroes call to adventure and his refusal etc. I'm still sketchin as a lot seem to be inking. Gulp. 

Hour 3 & 4

We are all beginning to realise what a quest it is to do a comic non-stop for 24 Hours. The deadline, even though 20 hours away seems imminent. We're drawing try to develop dialogue and plot and what you initially thought would take a page has now run over 3 pages. 

Any way here is my story continuing and here is some of the work being produced by the other members of the gang. 

This pages sees the death of the Hero's father in a valiant attempt to right the wrong. We also see the Young Hero transform 20 years in the end panel to prepare him for his quest.

Here we are given the insight to what Joshua has become. Following on in his fathers foot steps but he now takes unnecessary chances. But his knowledge seems to shine through. Here the hero is offered another job, will he accept it?

Below are what the others in the group are working on 

Hour 2 My Story

2 hours 2 pages roughly sketched out. 
What I'm trying to do with this page is introduce all the main characters who will go on to tell the story. Dr William Marcus is the chief mining expert and his Boss is Mister Jobs. We are also introduced to Williams Son Joshua Marcus who will basically go onto to tell the story. We are introduced to Williams wife, and she is also a doctor. So straight away the idea is set that Joshua is from an educated family with smart parents. 
Hour 1

So far so good. The sound of the concentration is deafening as no one is speaking everyone is so eager to get on with the comic. There is the soft sound of tapping of keyboards and people try and find reference material from the internet. The sound of pencils scratching against the paper and everyone tries to sketch.  

My Idea

I honestly didn't have an idea what my story would be about. I know I wanted to set it in space and being a big fan of Star Wars wanted it to have a theme of a Father and son coming together.
This is my brain storming session that took place in the first hour. The story started to form down the right hand side of the page and I think I have got it basically sorted at this stage. I just need to divide it up into the pages and sort of figure out the minor points as I go along. 

Page 1

I'm running out of time so I thought I'd do a big splash page to start the story off and try to keep to a page an hour. Aaagghhh! Between texting, tweeting and facebook and all the other social media I could easily go off the rails. Stay tuned as this could end up being the recorded log of that demise!