Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hour 1

So far so good. The sound of the concentration is deafening as no one is speaking everyone is so eager to get on with the comic. There is the soft sound of tapping of keyboards and people try and find reference material from the internet. The sound of pencils scratching against the paper and everyone tries to sketch.  

My Idea

I honestly didn't have an idea what my story would be about. I know I wanted to set it in space and being a big fan of Star Wars wanted it to have a theme of a Father and son coming together.
This is my brain storming session that took place in the first hour. The story started to form down the right hand side of the page and I think I have got it basically sorted at this stage. I just need to divide it up into the pages and sort of figure out the minor points as I go along. 

Page 1

I'm running out of time so I thought I'd do a big splash page to start the story off and try to keep to a page an hour. Aaagghhh! Between texting, tweeting and facebook and all the other social media I could easily go off the rails. Stay tuned as this could end up being the recorded log of that demise!

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