Wednesday, 17 October 2012

24 Hour Comic Challenge

24 Hour Comic Challenge up and running at Staffordshire University

Ok , we've got the names together for the 24 Hour Comic Challenge. Staffordshire Universitys first of, hopefully many. We've tried to keep the numbers manageable and included some 1st Year students to allow they to have the experience of creating their first comic. I believe that we have got quiet a diverse range of talents doing the project and I'm hoping to take part and also blog every hour with what the participants are doing. We've also some supporters or runners helping out, who will go and fetch us food etc from the shops and out lining facilities around the university.
Here are some of the participants.

Verity Hall
Claire Smith
Millie Harrop
Dominiqua Roberts
Thomas Stephens
Jack Baker
Emma Buxton
Michaela Betts
Constance Skerrett
William Keilloh

So stay in touch with the blog and follow the event on Saturday.

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