Friday, 19 October 2012

24 Hour Comic Book Challenge

The Supplies

Here is the supplies to keep the cartoon and comic arts students ticking over for 24 hours. Coffee, Tea sugar and Milk in Abundance as well as 6 litres of Energy drinks 4.5 Litres of Coke. 100 Jaffa Cakes 2 boxes of Celebrations chocolates as well as the health stuff to keep all parents happy, Bananas and Grapes. There are 10 students completing the full 24 Hours but there also seems to be an awful lot who want to come in and draw and keep the teams spirits up! The event starts tomorrow at 10am Saturday 20th October. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I'll be posting or trying to post every hour with stories about the cartoonists and their potential ideas, some examples of their artwork and at the same time I'll also be trying to do my comic book as well. (I'm making my excuses up in case I fail!) But the event is now becoming more real as the hours tick by to the deadline. Stay posted and Join in the Fun...Which is Staffordshire Universitys 1st 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge. 
24 hours
24 Pages! 

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