Saturday, 25 October 2014

MCM live post

After a slow start things stayed to take off. The queues for the event are massive and people are posting that they are going around the building, going around inside the building and beyond.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

MCM London October

Another October
Another Comic Convention at MCM Expo
London Docklands

Cartoon and Comic Arts will once again have a stand at the London MCM Expo Comic Con. We Are at stand CC5

We are also taking 21 students to the event, so keep an eye open for us. Some are serious Coplayers as well.
We are hoping to meet up with the graduating students from July and see what they have been working on while away from the University.
I'm hoping this will form a stepping stone so in May we can head over to the MCM event with 2nd year students who should be setting themselves up as publishing companies and devising and selling their work.

Other events we want to make you aware off 
Cartoon & Comic Arts is developing strong Academic roots with the Cartoon Museum in London, V&A, British Library, The Cartoon Archive at Leeds, Dundee University MA in Graphic Novels and DC Thomson of Dandy and Beano fame. Over the next 3 years we will be developing links and co hosting events at the university to include members of the community and build links with other institutes.

I've recently been in touch with the Twinning committee for Stoke-on-Trent City Council and the Germany town of Erlangen. They hold their own Cartoon Saloon once every 2 years, so we are hoping to link up with them and hold some thing internationally.

Because of the success of the Stoke Con run by Six Towns Radio we are currently planning on doing a 2nd event, with a bigger comic village run by Cartoon & Comic Arts. If anyone is interested in selling their work at the event keep a check on the blog. Once we have a date and everything confirmed we will be posting religiously.

Adrian Tooth
Editor in Chief Cartoon & Comic Arts

Monday, 20 October 2014

Stoke Con 2014 The Story

At Last!
Stokes first Con 

Stoke had its first Convention Sunday 21st September and it was held at the LRV (Leek Road Venue ) and the Brindley Building (across Leek Road)

From early on the crowds were gathering, and it was a spectacular sunny day with loads going on. 

While the crowds waited there was plenty of things to get them excited. A selection of cars from "Only Fools and Horses", "Knight Rider" KIT 2000 and the Deloren from "Back to the Future" (That had Gareth all of a giggle!)

there was also plenty of Cosplay as well happening all over the place and here are just a few snaps from Fin, as he went around the event. I'm happy to say a few of the students and staff got involved.

Once inside the Crowds were fantastic and so were the shops and stalls that had turned up in an attempt to sell their goods. 

Obviously the main attraction was the many stars who turned up to make the show the best it could have been.

Not Forgetting the star of the Show Mister John Charles who was drawing characters for people

Oh and me !
2 doctors in the same room!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

14 Hours Left

14 Hours left and Counting 10pm 

The atmosphere at the Comic event is good. We've just had the Doctor Who hour and every one is still talking and taking it easy 

22 Hours Left

22 Hours Left... Or 2 hours done!

The mood is still good, I've just announced 2 hours done and the general consensus was it, was going good. The mood is quiet concentration and we think Brad has broken the kettle!!
It's still to early to discuss ideas and stories but everyone is now sketching and producing work etc. Have a look at them and compare the effects in a couple of hours.

Vicky Takes up an unusual drawing position... but then again so does Callum

Kieran shows off his new hair cut and also his work in progress Captain Z!
Brad being studious
Alessandra working hard

An over view of the area where we are
Nadia is working in Manga Studio
Dan Planning things out
Vicky straightens her back ... Ouch
Callum posing
Our own Sheldon Cooper - Tara
Kale is drawing a phallic looking object, Oh its a frankfurter 
Which Amuses Tom

Paul doing something about a Monkey

  Lawrence is probably doing an episode of Phantom Menace that doesn't feature Jar Jar Binks