Saturday, 4 October 2014

24 Hour Comic Day

We're Off!
24 Hour Comic Day

Once again Staffordshire University Cartoon and Comic Arts students took part in the International 24 Hour Comic Day. The Challenge to produce a 24 page comic from scratch!
Once again it was a good turn out from the 1st Year students with a few more experienced 2nd and 3rd Years there to help guide them along their way.
I'm going endeavour to keep this post up to date with what there are doing through the next 24 hours.   

The normal pose for Cartoon & Comic Arts Students at Staffordshire University

Here there are happy to realise that they will soon be taking part in the 24 Hour Challenge

 Here there are realising they still have 24 Hours to get through
 From right to lefts Lawrance, Paul, Tom (hidden away) and Kale
 Nadia and Tara working away together
 Tony and Dan discussing ideas
 Brad hard at work
 Will being..... well Will really
 Kieran..... there has got to be a story behind the hair cut, but what is it? I bet I find out by the end of the night !!!
Callum, late as ever... but will he finish, Its 50/50 at the moment

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