Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stokes first ever Comic Con

Stoke Con
Staffordshire University

Stokes first ever comic convention is happening and where.... right her at Staffordshire University in the LRV (Leek Road Venue)
Who would have thought that 3 years after the creation of the Cartoon & Comic Arts award that this would be happening on our doorsteps. A big hand is deserved for the organising team from Six Towns Radio who have pulled out all teh plugs to make sure taht the event is Big, Bright and Bold!

The award has several tables at eth event as recruitment, sales and also the legendary John Charles and Jason Brindley are drawing people for a small outlay of money. Absolutely important for an event to have these characters on board. 

The guset list is impressive from 

Craig Charles 

Norman Lovett 

Colin Baker

Nicola Bryant

I'm going to try and keep blogging all the way through the event with images of the Students and stars as they appear and the workshops we will be running

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