Friday, 20 February 2015

Busy Busy Busy!

Cartoon & Comic Arts 
From here to Infinity 

Its been a few months since my last post and you seriously would believe how busy I've been. We managed to get through the semester just about, and I reckon from a university point of view it was extremely successful. It has been the first year that all the modules have run for a couple of years and we've had the opportunity to tweak them and I think, thanks to the help of the other specialist staff, getting there! So I really hope everyone appreciate how much hard work went into making it so fun. But as ever, the student drive the award.

There have been a few things happening that I haven't reported in the previous pages. Once again the 24 Hour Comic Challenge was accepted by students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years. Obviously the picture above was taken at the start of the event. They looked very disheveled at the end of it.

As always we held our Drink and Draw session, this time it was based around Christmas so the drink was flowing a little better than the sketching was.

 A bit of Steam punk Cosplay was needed to enlighten the crowd

 We also awarded prizes for the best piece of art work submitted and John Charles also took part and helped out.

Below is a picture taken of the Public relations team, who rushed down at the last minute to have a picture drawn of the team as the new Super Six, before they dropped down to 5!

Just to finish off and put it in the headlights, We've recently went into partnership with the Cartoon Museum in London, where we are to encourage more use of the medium and get people talking about it. Our first event will be on Saturday 7th March and I will post all the information up during the next couple of Days. It is a drawing Masterclass by some freelance comic artists.
I'm also flying out to Erlangen in Germany in the next few days. This is to build on our twinning with the city with Stoke-on-Trent and off the back that I found out they have their own internationally recognised Comic Festival (Comic Saloon) I'm hoping to develop links with the area and also build a relationship where we can invite them to our convention in the coming years and vice versa.
Which brings me nicely on to the Stoke Con and the Cartoon & Comic Arts Sponsored area, where we are getting a range of visiting comic artist to talk and sell their work, as well as offering something slightly different to the people at the event, from caricatures and drawing lessons. so keep your eyes open for that in the coming weeks....Phew!