Wednesday, 12 August 2015

May London MCM Comic Con

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London MCM By Storm

This is a bit later than planned due to the work load associated with the end of the semester and setting up the degree Show and doing all the marking etc, I wont carry on, I can see you are already close to tears.
This year saw Cartoon and Comic Arts setting up Level 5 students (2nd Years) to go to London MCM Comic Con. They were split into 4 groups (Publishing houses) and got together to sell purely original comics. It turned into a huge success for the students.

The Comic Village was very large this time, the students were split into their groups and dispersed among other independent artist and publishers.

The Super Comic League consisted of Emily Moore, Chizi Woherm, Jay Wightman and Megan Lee. They drew comics based on Fantasy creatures.

Hex Comics with Christina, Ross, Brad, Simon and Zu. Their comics had a mystical element to them.

Melonchomics had Vicky, Sonny, Izzy, Rob, Sam and Reuben and did a post Apocalyptic tales. 

Finally Techne Comics based mainly in Fantasy/Mythology stories featured Maisy, Tara, Nadia, Nick, Kate and Natasha, and they had a special guest star Pheonix a 1st year student turn up to help out .