Sunday, 5 July 2015

Staffordshire University 
Cartoon & Comic Arts 
Exhibition at London Cartoon Museum 

This year saw the Cartoon & Comic Arts second lot of students to graduate and we also had an attempt to display their work from the degree show in the capital city at the Cartoon Museum. With the Help of Sarah Batten, who did a lot of the work, I turned up with Becci Such and Emma Buxton. 

We met Alice who is the liaison person for the lottery grant which the museum had secured and was keen to meet the students and see the work. She passed on some real helpful tips. Also there was Steve Marchant, ex Beano Artist and assistant at the museum.

From Left to right Becci Such, Steve, Sarah, Alic and Emma Buxton at the event.

Some of the work on show at the museum along with the comic books that you can have a look through below.

Special thanks for the Museum who managed to get some beer from their sponsor, and American beer Company whose labels are design by Ralph Steadman. We might ask them if they could sponsor the next Cartoon and Comic Art event!!!

 While in London we ended up in Forbidden Planet. 

Becci and Emma Found themselves in the Manga Section of Forbidden Planet and suddenly there is a problem.
 Which Manga book should Becci buy... Over to you Emma

This is the book Becci recommended for me to get for the Cartoon Award.

Finally we ended up in China Town. Many thanks to Steve and Sarah who came out on the town with us and kept us entertained and informed about the museum and beer sponsorship.