Saturday, 26 May 2012

2035AD Cover Design

Here is a mock up of the cover design for the 2035AD Anthology Comic by Staffordshire University students on Cartoon & Comic Arts Award. Available during the degree show 15th June.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


Cartoon and Comic Arts Pay Homage to 2000AD and it reaching 35 years young!

As part of the Visual Communication Module I got the students to do a homage to 2000AD Comic. 
The students worked in small groups of 4 to make a 4 chapter story each student contributing 1 chapter with a title Page. Not to be out done myself I put the old pen to paper and knocked up a couple of self contained stories. Here are my contribution, they will form part of a bigger anthology with the students work which will be on sale during the degree show Friday 15th June.

This is the opening page to add a bit of information about what the students were attempting and also introduce the Cartoon and Comic Arts award

Below is my 2 page story which I wrote in case there was any short fall from the contributing students. 

End of Year 1

Year 1

Cartoon and Comic Arts finally made it through is first year as award and I must say that over all we are flying high. To celebrate the end of the year along with Graphic Design and Illustration students we had a little bit of an award ceremony.

The Cartoon and Comic Arts students met for a quick wine before proceddings atarted in teh Flaxman Foyer. Ther Main Event was in the Film Theatre along College Road.

There was quiet a good turn out all in all and the Masters of the ceremonies enjoy a drink and a little banter with the students gathered.

In fact one could say they enjoyed the refreshments a little too much.

By now the C&CA students were well lubricated and had found one of their favourite pass times. Sitting on the Sofa.

First up for award was the best excuse for not handing in work, Jamielea Jones, who was making a pasty for her project and when returened to the kitchen found "The Dog had eaten it Sir!" A likely story!!

The next prize was for person who least looks like their Thesis ID photo, Nathan Ingle.

Cartoon and Comic Arts Recieved thir certificates for successfully completing the 1st Year.
First out of the blocks in Esme Baran

Henrietta Looms

Lex Harford

Verity Hall

Nigel Morey accepts the prize for student least likely to out live their lecturers because of junk food and bad diet, that was won by Millie Harrop

Claire Smith picks up the award for "Above and Beyond" for walking around London crossed dress as a charcter from Napolean Dynimite

Tom Stephens picks up Dom Roberts award which was voted the best Animation by
by students at the Animation Bites Award night by an Option Student. 

Claire Smith accepts her certificate.

Tom Stephens

Alice Urbino

Alice picks up Jack "Stig of the Dump" Bakers Award for the person who kept the cleaners employed all year round.

And finally winners of teh best Award for 2011, the nominations are Cartoon & Comic Arts, Graphic Design and Illustration. Seeing as we wanted to get out in one peice, all teh awards won! Horay !!

And so the end is near, with the awrds given out we headed to the foyer to finish of the wine and then onto the ember lounge to finish us off there!