Saturday, 4 October 2014

22 Hours Left

22 Hours Left... Or 2 hours done!

The mood is still good, I've just announced 2 hours done and the general consensus was it, was going good. The mood is quiet concentration and we think Brad has broken the kettle!!
It's still to early to discuss ideas and stories but everyone is now sketching and producing work etc. Have a look at them and compare the effects in a couple of hours.

Vicky Takes up an unusual drawing position... but then again so does Callum

Kieran shows off his new hair cut and also his work in progress Captain Z!
Brad being studious
Alessandra working hard

An over view of the area where we are
Nadia is working in Manga Studio
Dan Planning things out
Vicky straightens her back ... Ouch
Callum posing
Our own Sheldon Cooper - Tara
Kale is drawing a phallic looking object, Oh its a frankfurter 
Which Amuses Tom

Paul doing something about a Monkey

  Lawrence is probably doing an episode of Phantom Menace that doesn't feature Jar Jar Binks

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