Monday, 20 October 2014

Stoke Con 2014 The Story

At Last!
Stokes first Con 

Stoke had its first Convention Sunday 21st September and it was held at the LRV (Leek Road Venue ) and the Brindley Building (across Leek Road)

From early on the crowds were gathering, and it was a spectacular sunny day with loads going on. 

While the crowds waited there was plenty of things to get them excited. A selection of cars from "Only Fools and Horses", "Knight Rider" KIT 2000 and the Deloren from "Back to the Future" (That had Gareth all of a giggle!)

there was also plenty of Cosplay as well happening all over the place and here are just a few snaps from Fin, as he went around the event. I'm happy to say a few of the students and staff got involved.

Once inside the Crowds were fantastic and so were the shops and stalls that had turned up in an attempt to sell their goods. 

Obviously the main attraction was the many stars who turned up to make the show the best it could have been.

Not Forgetting the star of the Show Mister John Charles who was drawing characters for people

Oh and me !
2 doctors in the same room!

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