Saturday, 20 October 2012

Hour 3 & 4

We are all beginning to realise what a quest it is to do a comic non-stop for 24 Hours. The deadline, even though 20 hours away seems imminent. We're drawing try to develop dialogue and plot and what you initially thought would take a page has now run over 3 pages. 

Any way here is my story continuing and here is some of the work being produced by the other members of the gang. 

This pages sees the death of the Hero's father in a valiant attempt to right the wrong. We also see the Young Hero transform 20 years in the end panel to prepare him for his quest.

Here we are given the insight to what Joshua has become. Following on in his fathers foot steps but he now takes unnecessary chances. But his knowledge seems to shine through. Here the hero is offered another job, will he accept it?

Below are what the others in the group are working on 

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