Thursday, 29 June 2017

Degree Show at Staffs Uni

Cartoon and Comic Arts 
Degree Show
June 2nd 2017 

Here is the Cartoon and Comic Arts Degree Show 

Matt Fair, did a story based on Boadicea - "Iceni", he also composed a song and printed T-Shirts to advertise the comic and his work. 

Hannah Stanway - Produced Death Bites, a story about a group of people who have to band together to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. Hannah also produced a video (Available on YouTube) to advertise her work as a broken CCTV which records the demise of the human race.

Kale McAleer - produced a web comic which showed how the technology was and is changing for Comic Artist. Is Comic Nanty Narkings is available on line 

Natalie Burgher - Produced Villains Alliance in the second semester which is a story of a group of misfit criminals coming together to steal a Picture from on art gallery. Her first semesters work, The Law and the Lawless is a love story of two different types of people coming together for the good of the town,

Michy Kahuya - Tell the story of a conquering Alien who invades Earth, only to find he can't breathe the air. His only escape is to invade a small dog and control the creature to full-fill his mission.

Shaun Nicholls - Tells a modern take on Tron, of a character who has to enter the realms of the gaming world to find his girlfriend who has been snatched by a mysterious creature. So if you like Assassins Creed or Legend of Zelda this book, "Jordan Saves The Universe" is for you. 

Ollie Humm comic is about strange creatures that live in plain sight that you might not notice. his "Monsters Around The World" tells a story of a girls her finds an old book that documents these creatures and she goes to try and find them. 

Tom Guilfoyle produced "The Black Voyage" a time travelling horror story with a twist.

Lawrence Copeman tells a tale of a traveller who has crashed on a planet and pines for his true love. 

Sam Megaw story "Team Hyperstrike" tells a tale of a young girl and her team of adventurer seekers who will do anything for the right price.

Isaac Hirschfield-Wight Tells a trippy tale of "Terror Twilight" a tale where the inhabitant of an asylum doesn't really know if hes mad or not.

Phoenix Cooper-Morriss  "Mountain Fruit" is about a young Dwarfs first day working in the local brothel. 

Paul Walshaw -  "The Mark of The Warrior" is a tale of a group of individuals who all must challenge one another in mortal combat.

Tony Holdsworth has taken the two best things ever (Wrestling and Space) and put them together to create "Space Wrestling." Raging Bull returns to avenge a suit malfunction which causes him to loose his big match.  

Daniel Johnson - Delivers his take on a Dungeon and Dragons Game he and his friends play - "The Heroes of Hero Falls"

Zach Cobb- Powerful story "Without Us" tells of a strange planet and its inhabitants and how it has survived and flourished over the centuries. 

Meggie Stobbs tells a story of an unlikely alliance between Vampires and other ungodly creatures coming together to face the real true demon

Alessandra Lombardi Continues her "Hermanos" story line, set in a post apocalyptic world, two brothers must find one another to survive. 

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