Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Visiting Lecturers Monday 21st April

Visiting Lecturers 
Staffordshire University 

Off the back of the Stoke Con event held on Sunday 19th April. Staffordshire University was extremely lucky to be able to ask some of the visiting professionals to come to the cartoon studio and then present their work and talk about what they did with Students.


The session started off with Simon Donald introducing himself and how he started off in the comics industry. Simon was at the event to publicise his hilarious autobiography. 

His insight into the industry and how he was able to break into it and establish both himself and the comic as independent entities was both insightful and extremely funny. 

David Lloyd talked about his new venture in trying to get people to read comics on line. He set up ACES Weekly. This allows independent artist to get their work out there with out having to circumvent publishers. 

Jon Haward has had a long a distinguished career working for the likes of Eagle Comics, Thunderbirds, 2000AD and MarvelUK. In the shot above he explains one of his images to students at the lecture.

All the professionals featured in this article have said that they would love come to Staffordshire University again and help the students to develop their skills in preparation for the  outside world and industry. All the professionals also have a lot to offer the Cartoon & Comic Arts Award, from basic drawing skills to marketing and getting their work out there. 


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