Sunday, 22 June 2014

Final Farewell

Gifts from the Crew

I think to call them sneaky is a little underhand, but both Gareth Cowlin and myself never expected what we received on the opening night of the degree Show. Unbeknownst to us, the gang had got together and produce a little surprise for us. I was totally gob smacked because I never expected it!

Here below are the gifts and the class of 2014 

Bryony (Nigel) Morey 

Alice (Give me pizza NOW!) Urbino

Millie (I've got a long neck and love snails) Harrop

Henrietta Looms (Our international student)

Claire (My hair is its natural colour now!) Smith

Jack (Let me run the award) Baker

Tom (Master Draughtsman) Stephens

Verity (I watch a lot of wrestling and I'll put you in a cross face chicken wing if you look at me wrong!) Hall

Esme (I'm a bad ass Manga girl and I do not smile in photos.... I glare!) Baran

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