Thursday, 26 June 2014

New Challenges for 2014

New Studio 

The Dream, The Move, The Design 

The Dream

This year see Cartoon & comic Arts move yet again. To be honest we needed the move as the course continues to grow in popularity and goes from strength to strength. The first set of students graduating in July have left a profound image on the award overall, Giving it purpose and direction for the next 3 years.

The Challenge for me now is to re-imagine the work space and make it the best space that encourages students to us and utilise.

To do this did a bit of research into the best creative companies, and what they consider best practice. I strongly believe that face to face regular contact with people from the cohort is important, and not just years, but the whole way through. 1st years should be looking at what 3rd year students are doing and vice a versa, 3rd year students should be looking at what the others are doing as well. They need top be aware of the local and new trends, whats happening in the community they are entering, where the breaks are and which conventions to go.

here are some examples that I'm looking at 

Disney Studios, artist at work

 This is the entrance to Pixar Studios, the open and well lit space and to the left and right are the canteen and hang out places. Above are the offices where the artist work.

This is a Disney School were students get a chance to experiment with the latest technology

And here is an actual Disney Artist working away.

One of the office spaces at Pixar. Inspiration is very, very important. Also it should be a place you want to got to in the morning and not want to leave at night. It should be an extension of you and your personality 

The two images above are the Marvel Offices. Well Lit (and warm) very snazzy and a modern feel to them.

Pixar Chill out area!

The artist at Pixar are encouraged to decorate their areas and offices. See the image above and below

Here is what I've got to work with at the moment. It is worth noting that Fine Art should have vacated the studio space Wednesday 25th June, the image below were taken today at 10.00am Thursday 26th June. Seeing as we/I am having 30 tables and chairs being delivered tomorrow and over the weekend some thing is going have to go in the skip! (And it wont be my tables and chairs)

Rubbish or Art? I don't know?

Corridor/walk through. The offices have been cleared and the stuff as been moved to the walk way

I assume some one wants this stuff as its boxed up... Any chance or removing it please

More stuff???

I think I'm going have a fun summer trying to sort this out! I don't think there is a skip big enough to put all this stuff in!

At least one room is partly done. This is the room the 2nd years helped with during May. Yes some one has come in and sprayed on the painted floor and also dropped of charcoal drawing and lent them again a freshly painted wall so the black will rub off!! (As you can tell from my tone, I'm not impressed!) 

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