Wednesday, 18 June 2014

London MCM
3rd Year Cartoon & Comic Art students take the show by Storm!

While the 2nd years were doing an organised trip to London Comic Con, the 3rd Years had other things on their mind. They were there to make money and see if they could sell their work which they produced in the last 2 semesters. 
Verity Hall & Esme Baran teamed up as they had worked on a selection of Family friendly Grimm Fairy tales. 
Esme also produced her own fantasy story Called "Undine Adventurer" which has gain a bit of interest in America and they are currently looking at producing a figurine of her character.
Verity's main book is "Like A Shark In A Swimming Pool." a tale of a young girl coming to terms with her sexuality. A brilliant read, if you get the opportunity, The comics are available at a string of Comic Shops up and down the country.

Millie Harrop teamed up with Illustration and Graphics student Emily Peacock to sell her Scrott Comic.  
This is truly one of the few pieces of student work that has made me laugh out loud. 
Also alongside Millie is Emily Peacock, illustrator and Comic Artist herself. 
I also think she performed one of the best pieces of advertising for a comic going. Let be honest if you saw this (Above), you would just want to pick the comic up and read it!! 

Jack Baker was back selling his next episode of the Guild of Winter series. He was sharing with Tom Stephens. 

This was Lex's first convention and she produced some of her digital prints for sale at the convention as well as her own individual artwork. 

 Alice Urbino and Claire Smith took the art of convention selling to a whole new level when they dressed in their Cosplay as Daria & Jane!

Claire had a good run on her comic "I work with Cats" based on her web series. Alice had to chapters of her comic "Dimension" which tells a story of a bloke who while relaxing slips down the drain in his bath and ends up in another "Dimension"

Look familiar anyone?

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