Friday, 16 May 2014

End of 7 months

So long... Farewell

OK so it has been a normal thing for Cartoon 6& Comic Arts over the last 3 years. Every year come May , June we have had to unpack our stuff and move on. Mainly to new and larger rooms to accommodate the growing numbers. This was OK when we were in the first couple of years and every year we had a new intake. Our numbers were controlled by Graphics and Illustrations to approx 10 - 12 students each year. This year we went through the roof with the lifting of the numbers and we had 22 students in place where we couldn't ideal house them, or let the award grow. So hats off to the FACT (Faculty of Arts & Creative Technologies) Management team who realized the potential in the award and found us a space which they have assured me is the area in which we will grow and develop for the next few years. 

This was the class room at the start of the day, after most of the students had taken their stuff home with them.A few hours later and thanks to Becci, Connie and Verity (all girls) who were very good with screw drivers... strangely enough!! We managed to dismantle the tables and move them to an area ready for the Estates to move everything into our new place.

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