Friday, 16 May 2014

Image for Henrion Gallery Staffordshire University Stoke Site

Henrion Gallery 

Henrion Gallery Image. I asked Mark Garner Area Group Leader for Visual Communications to choose an image to represent the award. 
"the strongest ones are the ones with Speech bubble on them... without that they only work as images and don't really have any context----these ones are far more representational of CCA…..unless you put together a montage---which I think is what I would do with such diverse work…."
So this is what I knocked up. I think Mark is correct that we have such a diverse collection of people its hard to have one image that represents you all. I Choose Nigel Morey because it is quite dynamic, Claire Smith because is shows the draughtsmanship and also the process we under go as cartoon artist, and Verity Hall and Alice Urbino because of their different style and the use of panels and words. Finally Esme Baran work shows a different type or art in both colour and line work. I hope you all agree and appreciate that this was a very hard task and this represents the best solution to demonstrate the strength and styles of Cartoon & Comic Arts at Staffordshire University

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