Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Staffordshire University End of Year Degree Show

Staffordshire University
Degree Show
Friday 10th June 6pm
College Road
Hey it's that time of year again when the 3rd year students show off there work to the general public and also visiting professionals and industry guests. Starting this Friday (10th June 6pm) the Degree Show Opens.
The Animation Awards are all under one umbrella and also in a new place inside the Henerion Building. There is also an awesome Stop Motion Display which I would strongly recommend everyone to pop along too! It shows what they have learnt and how good that particular award can be and will be in future years, it's a bench mark to be sure! Luckily we've got a few ex students currently working at Aardman on the feature Film "Pirates"on the way to have a look!
Anyway I hope to see you all there and if you see me come over and say hello, or at least get me a beer! Well done to all the students

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