Sunday, 12 June 2011

Scribbles of a Mad Man 04 Primeval & Fringe

Sky Viewing
Primeval & Fringe

I notice that Watch in showing the new series of "Primeval" (Series 5). I've been a big fan of this since it started, in fact it's origins were born out of the "Walking with Dinosaurs" series by Tim Haines who went onto develop other Prehistoric shows where paleontologists went back in time to see under water creatures or the birth of mammal's etc. I think the idea is a good and simple one. there are rifts in time and instead of us going through them, what would happen if things started coming through to us!!
It is almost the basis of every "B" Movie from "Godzilla" to "The Beast from 20000 Fathoms" The only problem the writer had was to come up with a half believable idea about how the creatures got here. In this series Time has come up with a credible answer (I use credible in a flight of fancy way!!) so that each week he can reintroduce different monsters that occupy different environments! Which brings us round to Fringe. I do like Walter Bishop, reminds me a lot of the Doctor, a genius with something missing! Once again Fringe looks at parallel universe's and the conflict that would exist if 2 worlds tried to occupy the same space and time! Scary!!
Below is a small comic strip I was doing for Primeval.

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