Monday, 13 June 2011

Scribbles of a Mad Man 05 Space Cops

Space Cops

I must admit the idea came to me early last year whilst I was reading Tom Strong and sort of developed from there. Having said that the more rounded concept above was shaped by a 2nd year 3D student who produced these 2 Characters for a module I run on Character Animation & Implementation. It is about designing character understanding characters and being able to animate them because they have goals objectives and aims. I never understood just animate something and then animate it doing something else!! Ed Hooks gives an excellent talk, which I'm not going to try a replicate here in this blog spot, but if he comes to Staffordshire university, I would strongly recommend you see him!!

I would have loved to try and come up with a story and filled the book from beginning to end in this style.

Above is the original concept art for the main bad characters, a robot and a Darth Vader like creation!
Below is how the ideas developed and show you some of the places where the influences came from!

Obviously Darth Vader played an important part in the development of the character on the Right. I wanted a scared figure who has to hide himself, so to make himself loathing and wanting to take revenge on the world for the curse that befell him! The other Character, I was reading in a book by Scott McCloud, how people draw human faces and how they try and pull out those things that make faces faces! So close up of spiders and flies repulse us! I went for a more Cyclops view, while this doesn't really demonstrate McClouds' view it is a realisation in the same way that Darth Vader is scarred and has to hide behind a mask!!!  


  1. This looks familiar, Earth cops huh? I will be expecting royalties haha!

  2. I didn't say there was a 3D Student who influenced me. What you did with teh idea was a lot better than mine so I'll let you run with the characters lol..enjoy and please don't do a super injunction on me :-)

  3. You'll be hearing from my lawyer in a few days!... Only joking! I'm quite flattered.