Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Old Art Work

I was looking back through a hard drive the other day and found some of the life and object drawings I set as a module for 1st Year animation students at Staffordshire University. I'm still surprised that good work then is still good work now, and it is a bit of a shame how I never get chance to see any work of this calibre anymore! Curse you 3D!!
These images were taken on a 1st Year trip to Buxton, which is just up the road from the university. Unfortunately the trips may soon become a thing of the past with the introduction of the tuition fees and the onus will be more or less on the student to make their way to various places rather than wait for the institution to organise. Also health and safety has run amock so it is a logistic nightmare to organise, but listen to me rant and rave!
It was the pictures I wanted to talk about and how they were going to get used! The aim was to get students to do primary research and collect as much of it as possible. In Buxton there are some very interesting buildings with period architecture. The whole essence could have been set in the era of steam punk, around the Victorian times. Shame nothing other than these quick sketches came out of it!

Observational drawing of people in and around Bakewell market. This seemed like a good idea at the time. training animators having to quickly sketch poses of people they see. Obviously for some this was too much and the common cry was they never stood still long enough. It never occurred to the student that if they positioned themselves where they and the model didn't move it would be a good start! A Cafe or Bar, followed by going into the market and drawing people browsing! Rather than running across roads!

Life Drawing

Loved these quick sketches knocked up by a mature student who knew how to push the boundaries of a brief! I won't mention him in case I embarrass him but he was and still is good!

Having Jonny Duddle come in and talk to the Students was good as he got them to take the sketches, scan them into the computer and using either Photoshop or Painter, colour them in!

Various exercises, collage and negative space!

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