Thursday, 9 June 2011

More Scribbles of a Mad Man 2 Doctor Who

Scribbles of a Mad Man

just to keep the theme going that I started a couple of months ago. I've decided to add a few more drawing from my sketch book. I brought the Sketch book about November time last year and it is one of those that you fold out similar to a Constantina! 

Anyway, I've almost filled it, some with good drawings others with not so good!! But nevertheless I thought I'd show what I've been doing and what has taken my fancy in the past few months!

A new series of Doctor Who, where they killed of the main character in the first 15-20 minutes, which I thought was a masterstroke and then reintroduced him from another point in time! Steve Moffatt does like to shake it up a bit. I wasn't to sure about the 11th Doctor at first but Matt Smith has grown on me and I prefer Amy Pond to the winging character Donna played by Catherine Tate!!
Anyway Doctor Number 2 appears in this sketch as I was reading an article by Neil Gaimen who says that Patrick Troughton is his favourite Doctor!! Unfortunately before my time!

My Favourite was Tom Baker, he was completely nutty and self assured in himself. I think he gave Moffatt the template to which he's told all the other Doctors to work from! Peter Davidson sort of sent the Doctor into a world of self doubt where he seemed to continuously question himself! Anyway Amy! Some sketch's as I've tried to get her face right, make your own opinion on that, but anyone who wears skirts as short as hers and runs around space and time cant be all bad!

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