Monday, 1 July 2013

London Road Festival Stoke

London Road Festival

One of the things that I've been doing is Drawing caricatures of the Landlords and ladies of the pubs along London Road. The event was sponsored by the Arts Council and the idea was to publicise the event in the local public houses and also put a piece of art work in peoples hands, so they would realise what art work was and where you could find and see it everyday.

Here are the people and my drawings of them.

The First off is the Cottage Pub with Rob and Angie. They are dog lovers and have 2 massive Great Danes and a young Saint Bernard called Wilson.

Next up is the Wellington with Dave and Andrea

Here is Dave from the Commercial Inn

I cant find the original image of Dave from the London Road Pub, but if you ever see him you will recognise him!

Here is Lisa from the Albert Pub, which isnt strictly on London Road its just off down Bilton Street.

Below is Trevor from O'Learys. I managed to capture him just as he left the pub and the New owners came on board. I think there are going to call it The Vine now!

Finally here is Debbie from the Sutherland Arms. She is Ken's daughter who I use to drink at his old pub, the Gardner's Retreat.

and here are the beer mats in use at O'Learys Pub, London Road.

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