Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Pop Up Comic Shop

Pop Up Comic Shop

Well the Pop Up Comic Shop was finally finished. This is a picture of the final shop front with the range of Comics that were for sale at the event.

As you can See Jack Baker was there selling his comics which included "Spore" "Return to the Beagle" and his own creation "The March Of Winter!"

The price list of the comics where the average price is £2.00 though there were some cheaper and we also had discount if you brought the work in bulk. The Spore and War of the Worlds comics were £1.20 each, but if you wanted to buy all three copies of a series we offered them at £3.00 rather than £3.60.

A big thanks to all those who stayed and helped make the Comic Book Stall the success it was. From Left to Right Millie, Jack, Verity, Tom and Becci. I should also mention Esme and Henrietta who also tagged along for the ride. Obviously there were some quiet days where we didn't really sell that much but other days we had a good turn over. Overall we raised £230
I think it gave the students present a real life encounter into the industry that they want to enter. It got them talking to people about their work and more importantly it got them practising their selling technique to an audience who wouldn't be the normal demographic of comic book readers! 

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