Wednesday, 17 July 2013

London Feedback

Orbital Comics

Last week I took some of the more successful comics from the Pop Up Comic Shop to London to see if Orbital Comics would stock them for us. 

We met Karl at the London Super Comic Con in Feb 2013 and he suggested that once we were up and running properly to pop down and he would see if he could stock them for us.

On sale was the 2nd years Anthology of Hitchcock. We found that this sold particular well as it was a collection of peoples works, and also it was a subject matter that people were generally familiar with.

Esme Baran Mischief & Marauder was one of the few children friendly work produced and this went particularly well at LSCC and also the Pop Up Comic Shop. Some time we forget who the potential audience are for our work. The Pop Up Comic Shop is aimed at people who probably wouldn't usually buy comics, and had a preconception of what there are.

We also sold the 2nd year work. Spore was very popular and we basically sold out of those copies, so I had to take my copies down on sale. Also War of the Worlds was very popular and I took the remaining 3 copies of these for sale at the shop.

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