Thursday, 6 June 2013

War of the Worlds on Sale at the Pop Up Comic Shop

A warning, some of the contents of this post may not be suitable for those with a heart condition or under a certain age!

When I initially came up with the idea of splitting the group into teams to tackle some of the classics stories of world literature, Little did I envisage this carnage I'm about to publicise on this Blog. The 3 ladies involved in this venture went above and beyond what was expected and took the H.G.Wells classic and turned it upside down. Drawing on their observation powers, they dissected the world in which they lived and produced characters that epitomises the anti hero to them .
I dint want to say anymore, but in the opening statement I warned you.

Here is the edited down version of the teams adverts for their comic books. Not safe for Children

I offer up to the general public The W@R 0f 7he W0RLD5
Chapter 1 Talula Burtram
Chapter 2 Verity Hall
Chapter 3 Millie Harrop

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