Friday, 12 November 2010

Reading Material at the moment

Just thought I'd write a little bit about what I've been reading at the moment. As far as Graphic Novels go, a big thank you to Chris Hazeldine who introduced me to Garth Ennis and the Peacher series. It's about a Priest from a small Texas town who's basically lost his faith and who is now the in possession of the ultimate being made up of evil and good and so powerful even God is a bit wary of him! Along the way Jesse the Preacher meets up with Casidy an Irish Vampire...Is this ticking all the boxes yet, if not, there is a hot blonde, a religious cult, the saint of killers just to keep you topped up!

Off the back of this, enjoying Garth Ennis sense of humour there is The Boys. This is basically a group of CIA backed people who police the Super heroes. Excellent read and one of the characters Hughie who bears an uncanny resemblance to Simon Pegg!


  1. Preacher is odd & wrong but funny! Not read the boys but i'm buying other trades at the moment so can't afford to read it yet.
    Are these going to be course books? ;P

  2. Lol, I was told about them by a student studying 3d and I got hooked a little on Garth Ennis sense of humour! Is that the sland then..."Trades!" These are books that I'm enjoying at the moment, I just thought I'd better start off with some basic reading to get me in line with students, but I thought I'd look a bit further afield then just batman and spiderman. I've been reading the Walking Dead and also Alan Moore's Swamp Thing Novels. I prefer the ones with Constantine in!

  3. Ahh again i haven't managed to tap into Constantine. I read all of 'Y the last Man' which i enjoyed, also reading DMZ and Fables which are pretty good though very different again. Don't really read much superhero stuff as there's just soo much and it's hard to jump on. Currently reading some Manga myself though have to be careful what you read. ;-)
    Have you read Watchmen yet? That's the only one i've got so far, really need to read some others!!!
    A trade = collection of single issues. Get down with the lingo. :P

  4. Thanks for the head up on the lingo 8-D
    Yeah I brought Watchmen ages ago along with V for Vendetta. Both excellent books though I feel teh Film of V didn't really do it justice, somehow he (V) just wasn't menacing enough for me! I've read Ton Strong by Alan Moore as well, thats a bit steam punky and if you like Nazi's in leather it is quiet entertaining. I'm sort of anti super hero, but I enjoyed Mark Millars Civil War, where teh super heroes fight one another over a registration scheme, Iron Man Vs Captian America. Also for another excellent read Superman:Red Son, what superman would have been like if he crashed landed in Russia rather than USA. Thanks for posting a comment, good to hear from you!

  5. PS I need to read some Manga, any advice on whats good?