Friday, 19 November 2010

Andy Serkis talk

Here I am blogging live from the andy serkis blog. Peter Lord is in the building along with a few members from the Aardman CGI department.

I had a great time in Bristol and it was great to catch up and talk to some old friends about what they are doing.
Above is a picture Peter Lord drew for me while we were propping up a Sailor Jacks Rum Bar. The one thing I always remembered about the Bristol event is how much alcohol flows freely and I mean freely. The first time I met Peter he had just finished shooting Chicken Run and he was planning his next feature film that was the Hare and the Tortoise. Unfortunatley this never happened and Flushed Away was made in the USA. Anyway this is one of the characters from Aardmans new film Pirates to be realesed sometime next year. Quiet a few ex students are working on it so fingers crossed for it being a success.

While in Bristol I caught up with Jon Lendrum from Aardman modelling department and here I am with some of the goods. Recently Dave Sproxton from Aardman came and did a talk on the making of the Ware Rabbit. I'd actually saw he do a similar talk at the IBC Conferance in Amsterdam a few years earlier when there was a buzz about it's realease! Jon is above with my Collegue Laura Weston.

I also attended the Andy Serkis talk on Motion Capture, Sorry, Performance Capture! I managed to get a talk with Andy and asked him if there was ever a conversation during the filming of Kong where they thought about putting a Gorilla into a motion capture suit.
"Know Peter (Jackson) I'd be surprised if there wasn't! After all you put dogs in motion capture suits! But I don't think you would have gotten the performance with the emotional archs with a real Gorilla!"

Andy has set up his own motion capture studio to help games companies to employ actors who can use motion capture.

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