Monday, 15 November 2010

Getting Ready for Bristol Animated Encounters

I've included the link to the web page below.

Only a couple of days left till we depart to the Animated Encounters Festival in Bristol. As you may know Bristol is one of the main areas in the UK for the Animation industry and after a recent email from a collegue, it looks as if the BBC might also have it ear marked for their new animation department as well! Apparently London is getting to expensive so they are looking for somewhere outside of it to make an impression. Bristol was one of those places mentioned along with Manchester! So some good news for animators!!

Above Jamie Bakewell & Kolin Humphreys

While at the event, we are hoping to meet up with a range of ex students from the university who have made it big in the animation industry from Jon Lendrum (Model Maker!) Jamie Bakewell (CGI-PreVis) Artist, Kol Humphreys (was freelance 2D Flash designer but now on contract) to Liam Wardle (Space Cadet!) No I joke, he's working at the British Space Agency (Yes there is one) PreVis and concept designer in 3d. (Now how cool is that!!)

Liam Wardle at FMX

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