Monday, 15 November 2010

Missing FMX 2011

One of the things I'm going to miss next year is teh FMX festival in Stuttgart! Over the last few years I've gone in my capacity as an Award leader for CGI, but now with me taking on the new Cartoon & Comic Arts Award I'll have to aim for more comic based conventions... San Diego... If you're going do comic conventions you might as well do it right! But I'll still miss that little bit of geekishness, finding out how the special effects have been done etc Whats coming next, having access to free movies Sigh!

Anyway, while at FMX I broke away from the normal party.... I think there was something going on about steroscopics or something, and found myself walking around a small exhibition of German students work. I decided to take out my camera and shoot some stuff which has until today lay hidden somewhere in MyPicture Document folder on the laptop. I got a bit inspired by these images and felt a bit sorry as a lot of teh people there just ignored them as they weren't moving, jumping around, produced in sterosopic etc ! But I thought I'd post them and discuss what I liked about them!

Cover design for a comic book, Film Nior Detective story. I never thought students looked to close at this stuff and the visual impact it can have. The reason why I'm saying this is because I knew at 20 I didn't really look at this stuff and it's only later on when you've travelled a bit and seen something of the world that you try and find something new and different!

What Pre visualisation display would be complete with out the obligatory Steam Punk Robot?!! THough this isn't the best one by miles, it does demonstrate a bit of thought as gone into the composition and character. I sometime think that the character is in the detail. I like the chiminey, some thought has gone into how the character would be powered! So often stuff like this is missed out....till someone does it and then it appears everywhere. I often say that in the remake of Godzilla, one of the best bits it where the monsters tail smashes into the windows after it has long since departed from the shot. Simple, effective, beautiful!

Colour. If Supermans weakness is Krytonite, mine is colour. This image is blue! So many shades of blue it's impossible to understand, but it works, and the areas where it isn't blue are subtle enough that they actually stand out and draw your eye into the shot!

This image above got me thinking. What came first the picture or the quote..."I said ... I think you know my Father!" It tells a story, something I feel is actually lost when students produce portfolio's. Nothing ... well hardly anything makes me ask, how did we get here or what happens next in the picture, there is no sense of character and no story being told.

Another area that cartoon and comic arts is looking into is storyboards. Once again strong colours but probably more importantly dramatic shots and great composition. Is it possible to teach someone this?

Cartoons, characters. I love the style this is finished in, the black and how the shadow morphs. A character with the weight of the world on his shoulders... or is it just washington DC?

I don't know if you can actually make this out as it is a bad photograph and I'll take full responsibility for it! But this once again comes down to storytelling. It is a character crouching down behind a metal truck, two guns loaded as he's being shot at! Something like this makes me want to know about the character. How did he get into this situation and how does he get out of it?

So just finally, here is the stand at last years FMX festival.

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