Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Selling work & Workshops

Life after Study 

Cartoon and comic arts provides a wide and varied selection of options available to the student to what they can do with the skills acquired on the award after they finish. 

Obviously a lot of students either dream of selling their work independently at small press conventions or plan to work for other like minded individuals.

The award offers a range of opportunities to allow the students to experience work in a range of different elements.

Off the back of a successful MCM trip to London  in May, the 2nd year students were up for attempting to sell there work at a range of places before the official end of the semester.

Having Rebecca Such (AwkwardBex) as part of the teaching team allowed us to expand what we were doing. Becci is very entrepreneurial in her approach and out look. Always one to see an opportunity to sell both her work and skills along with students, she helped the students realise their true potential.

Working alongside Staffordshire Student Union, Becci help set up at stall at the local train station in celebration of the Queens Birthday.  



The Geek Box comic shop in Newcastle also provided an opportunity for the students to get their work out into the public.

Both 2nd years and 3rd Years ventured down to the shop where we had a small spread on for people who turned up to support the students. 


Along with this we were lucky to meet while at MCM a small publisher Accent UK Comics, who turned up to have a look at what the students were producing. 

The Guys from Accent Comics were happy to preview the students work and have a general chit chat about what they should consider if they were really interested in getting in the comics industry.


Sam Megaw was singled out with his book as a potential comic artist to watch out for.

Afterwards we headed out to celebrate the success of the event and also see Shaun Nichols, who was working across the road at a bar.

During the degree Show, the second years got their act together to open the Pop Up Comic Shop in the main Henrion Foyer area. This was great as it encouraged the second years to have a look at the degree show and also experience the whole event. Something that a few of them don't do as they have usually left at this point and headed home.

Becci and workshops

Becci Such (AwkwardBex) also provided help and support while running a couple of workshops during the Degree Show week . 
One included a workshop in the Local (Hanley) Park where there was a literature event happening (The Big Book Swap!).

Along with Tanra Studios Tara Washington and Nadia Williams they helps young children to experience story creation using comic arts.

On the following Friday, Becci was available once again to take on younger children from local schools to do another Comic Art class with the help of new lecturer and interdependent artist Claire Smith (TallyB) 

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