Monday, 25 July 2016

Degree Show Success

Degree Show
Cartoon and Comic Arts goes from Strength to Strength

Another year has drawn to an end and so has the Cartoon and Comic Arts award. This year saw students put on the biggest and best degree show ever. 

With 21 students graduating this year it was clearly the largest cohort to date to go through the 3 years. Along the way we've made a few tweaks to ensure we still provide one of the best and original award in the UK. 

After the initial set up of the area, this time we held our show in the life drawing room, which does seem appropriate as it is one of the awards main teaching rooms. 

We went fro a corporate feel to the event, though this is what was intended with the red banner along the top and the grey skirting board. The aim was to get it more reflect the catalogue that was produced to go along with the show.

The opening night was good and we tried to organise a portfolio review for students, so they could bring their portfolios in and see what industry professionals would say was missing for 3rd years, or for 2nd years for them to things that they could concentrate on in their final year.

 Above is a panoramic view of the cartoon and comic arts degree show space. 

There was a selection of refreshments at teh event which seemed to go down well amongst the guests and the students!!

Students talked with a range of visiting people about their work and sold a fair amount of their comic work during the night. 

Azzuro Zito has a swift drink before talking about his work to a VIP

Zu handled himself perfectly with the arrival of the Lord Mayor for Stoke-on-Trent.

Obviously the Lord Mayor want to chat with a range of students and people about their work. But overall the Mayor was impressed with what he saw at the event, taking specific time to look and talk to students about their stories and their artwork. 

The night also had to honoured guests from Industry to chat and talk to people about the work. Kevin Gunstone is a well re-known comic book writer, with several of his work current in production 

above are a couple of images of students at the degree show.

Along with individual students talking about their individual work, above Nadia Williams and Tara Washington talk about their start up company Tanra Studios. This is a project that both the ex students have been working on since the success of going to MCM at the end of their second year on the award. They had a similar idea about this corporation of people who are able to enter peoples dreams and sort out their problems.

Above - the area also had its own pop up comic stand where students work which was published went on sale.

Here is a range of work that was on sale and available during the week long the degree show.

The room was generally well full for the entire night as mother fathers and honoured guests mingled and studied a range of work on display 

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