Friday, 19 August 2016

Jesse Mclure New TV show

Storage Hunter Jesse Mclure

New TV show and Comic Artist  

As part of the Stoke Con Trent Event we get visited by a wide range of guest. One of the favourites is Storage Hunter Jesse Mclure. Jesse was in the UK doing a new TV Show for Quest TV. While around the Manchester he rekindled his love of comics and came up with an idea to advertise his new show at the Stoke Con Trent event on Sunday 2nd October. It required the help of cartoon and comic artist who were given a script and Jesse's wanted to have a Comic strip of him.

A range of students tried the brief. The final version will be shown at the Stoke Con Trent Event in October 

The image up above contains work (from left to right) from Tony Holdsworth, Shaun Nichols, Tom Guilfoyle and Emily Moore.


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