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Trip to Erlangen

Trip to Erlangen

Below is a selection of the photographs I took while in Erlangen to sort out the Comic Salon and the possible visit to the area of Staffordshire University. It's hoped that a few of the other BA Hons awards from the FACT (Facility of Arts and Creative Technology) would also be able to participate in a few of the ventures out line by Peter Steger while I was doing my trip there.

Above is my first meal in Germany, a shoulder of Pork with Sauerkraut and one of the biggest potato dumpling I've ever seen.

Some on must have told Peter about my love of real ale as he booked me in a Hotel just down the road from one of the areas many micro breweries. This one in the Kitzmann Brau.

This pub was to become my local as it had the full range of beers Pilsner, Wheatbeer and Dark beer. It also had pretzels. Not a million miles from the Staffordshire University Logo

This is what the place looks like from the inside, the big ceramic thing on the left of this picture is the oven where they cook the food.

Above is some artwork I found on the streets of Erlangen.

Just to reassure everyone, they have their own comic shop 

Just to reassure Students, they also have McDonalds as well

Erlangen Town

Above is a bar I walked past call Bogarts

Some of the inspiring architecture in and around the Erlangen town Centre.

Siemens Museum and Archive Store 

The Following Beneath is the Siemens Museum, which our following conversation reveled there might be an opportunity for the Medical Illustration award at Staffordshire University.

Erlangen Council Offices

 Below is the View while walking to and from the Erlangen Government building 

This is a view from the 6th Floor of the Government building over looking Erlangen. The big building in the back is the Siemens main building.

The image above is the entrance to the  government building, it is also the place where the Comic Saloon takes place.

Erlangen University 

Above is the administrative centre for the Erlangen Universities. I bet our Vice Chancellors and the other staff would loved to be housed in here. It was originally the home to the Duke who founded the Universities.

The fountain in the park behind the University Administration building

Below is the theatre that Peter managed to get me exclusive entrance to 

Below is a Franconian bar as you would expect to see Bavaria 

We also discovered another Micro Brewery, This one had a special guest nesting on the Chimney, a pair of Storks.  

Below is a series of photographs taken while I was around Nuremberg. I met a chap called Frank Gillard on the train station, similar in the way spies must meet in Bond movies. Below are some images from St Lorenz's Church.


below is what used to be the hospital. It is now a restaurant.

Our Ladies Church in the centre of Nuremberg square which also offers one of the largest Christmas markets in Germany.


Above is the old fort which over looks Nuremberg and the view which you can see from the top. 
Below are some images back across the river having a look some sites.

Above is the hangman's bridge. The hangman use to live in the hose at the end of the bridge hence its name. Nothing as shocking as this was the place they hung people.

Above is my first venture into a proper German Beer Kellar.

The entrance to the Nuremberg National History Museum. Each of the pillars has one of the fundamental Human rights written on them and underneath there is a translation in a different language.  

The national Museum was initially founded in a monastery in the centre of Nuremberg. Since then it has grown and grown.  With additional buildings being added through out the years 


The museum boast an impressive array of artwork from the Bauhaus collection 

Ended up in an Irish bar in Erlangen

Did I mention that once a year, Erlangen threw the second biggest beer festival in Germany outside the Oktoberfest. This is where it takes place and below is an indication of how big it really is.

Erlangen also has its own Sculpture Park which celebrates a local sculptor by putting his work on permanent display to the people of Erlangen.

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