Sunday, 8 March 2015

Comics... So What? Event

Comic Mini Masterclass

Working alongside the Cartoon museum, Staffordshire University is running a Mini Masterclass in Comic work. Dedicated to a sole bastion of the British Comic Industry 2000AD, the class was run by Adrian Tooth, John Charles and Jason Brindley. The aim is to give people who might never have thought about drawing comics, an attempt to do some work, using a script and under the professional direction of the freelance comic artist. 

The aim of the event was to encourage people to talk about what is their favourite comics and more importantly why. 

Initially introduced by Adrian Tooth who outlined what the event was and why we were doing it. Here Ade is watched by Judge McBeth!   

John Charles talked through layout and the importance of letting the readers eye flow around the page.

Using a few of his own examples from his illustrious careers John explains the theories of comics

Jason Brindley show some examples from his own Graphic Novel "Death Comes to Dillinger" and how he uses layout to show and give feeling to the story. 

More importantly Jason is a brilliant artist and he shows how he uses paint to create character 

And how this can then be used in the computer realm using 3D Maya and digital paint to bring to life his latest drawing for this event 

Above is a selection of images from the 3rd Year Cartoon and Comic Arts students working on the 2000AD Mural for the Comic... So What? Event. Even Judge Dredd took on a more selective Comic Arts  feel with his glasses and Bow Tie.

We were very lucky to get a member from the Judge League down to help us and he was with out doubt an excellent life model.

He let Ryan (3rd Year Comic Arts Student) try on his helmet, as you can see we've got a natural Sly Stallone Character 

What does Judge McBeth Read off duty, Watchmen. Excellent read sir!

John Charles - 2000AD and MarvelUK artist starts the comic drawing sessions off using scripts from 2000AD

We had a range of people interested in the day with an interesting array of abilities etc. An Excellent measured drawing of Judge McBeth 

In full glory, Judge McBeth

Images from the workshops running during the day

Comic Work Shop 

A very good panel under construction by one of the participants

Class in full throw - Adrian Tooth sharpening pencils?

Newbeeies to comic arts being put through their paces by John Charles and watched over by Gareth Cowlin and 2 3rd year Cartoon Students. 

Reece and Ryan looking like they are up to no good.

Ok... Stand ... Pose .... FIRE!

The day was enjoyed by all who took part and we collected a lot of information for the comic museum to help it to choose material to display in London Russell Square.

A real big thank you for those who turned up and supported the event and attempted the activities. A big hand out to 3rd Years - Becci Such, Callum, Reece and Ryan for helping out on the day.
A real big Thank You for Callum Lawrence Bardlsey for his help in putting together the artwork with Becci Such for the mural and all those who took part with the mural.
Callum & Blue
Michaela Clarke
Ryan Moss
Reece Pallatao
Kieran Hayes
Michaela Betts.

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