Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Storyboarding Concepts to design

This is just a quick outline of a project that was brought to me late on last week where a small crew wanted some one to knock up quick story boards to help them tell their story. From the initial out line with the director/producer these were her ideas.

Above is the quick sketches that the director brought after she had scribbled them down in her  note book, I scanned them in to my computer to act as a starting point.

Above is my attempt at panel 3 of from the sketch book. In the first panel there is a dog, that we both felt is under used after the initial scene, but we both wanted it to make more of an appearance all the way through the production.

I liked what the director was doing with the final scene above, with the introduction of the Fox Character by silhouette. Below is my interpretation of that scene

The final scene needed to have a punch line after the Badger had repossessed all the items from the man, and I tried to copy an earlier scene where the Man having acquired all his goods with the money, is setting about plugging in his new TV. Obviously the joke is here that there is no power points in the forest!

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