Monday, 28 February 2011

Stoke Your Fires, Oscar winners and animators!

Oscar Winners and top world animators come to Stoke-on-Trent

Just a quick word about the Stoke Your Fires Animation festival this week which will have some of the most influential people in the current world of Special Effects and CGI.

One of the talks I'm interested in attending is on Wednesday 2nd March 3.30pm is by Double Negative, the Oscar nominated Special Effects company who recently won the Oscar for best Special Effects for the film "Inception" Other Films include the Batman Film "The Dark Knight" and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost latest outing "Paul"

Other people talking is an old favourite of Staffordshire University, Barry Purves. Barry recently delivered a master class at the university talking about his part on the Peter Jackson remake "King Kong"  Barry played a major part in the now infamous scene of Kong fighting the T-Rex tag team. This time Barry is going back to his roots and has asked some of the students to help in the realisation of his new project based on the orchestra.

Other people who are giving a talk are from Britain's biggest animation studio Aardman. Tim Allen Model Animator gives a talk on the Friday along with the Aardmans CGI department Andy Lavery and Matthew Rees.

Also on the Thursday Tony Dalton the Curator and writer of one of the worlds best loved stop motion animator Ray Harryhausen. Also at the event is some of Rays drawn work some of which can be seen in Tony Daltons books.

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